PalSem20: Revisiting Palaeolithic Archaeology

The Institute of Archaeology is happy to announce the second Palaeolithic Seminar Series to be held between January and March 2020. The lecture series will consist of a range of topics linked by a common theme: Revisiting Palaeolithic Archaeology.  

This series will explore (but is not limited to) the process of, and results from revisiting historic palaeolithic sites, assemblages, theoretical models, concepts and assumptions, techniques, and understudied geographic regions. We are excited to host a range of fascinating talks by both established researchers, early career researchers and PhD students.

All are welcome to attend in room 609 of the Institute of Archaeology, UCL at 5pm. Please join us for the talk and informal drinks in a local pub afterwards.

The preliminary schedule is listed below

Wednesday 15/01/2020 – 5pm

Dr Suzy White, UCL Anthropology

Title: Revisiting the Muddle in the Middle: ‘Homo heidelbergensis’ and the origin of Homo sapiens.

Wednesday 22/01/2020 – 5pm

Nick Ashton, British Museum

Title: 80 years of research at Barnham. From culture history to millennial-scale changes in material culture in the Lower Palaeolithic.

Wednesday 29/01/2020 – 5pm

Dr Natasha Reynolds, University of Bordeaux

Title: The structure of the European Upper Palaeolithic archaeological record: a new look.

Wednesday 05/02/2020 – 5pm

Dr James Coles, University of Brighton

Title: The Origins of Us: Latest developments in human evolution

Wednesday 12/02/2020 – 5pm

Dr Rob Hosfield, University of Reading

Title: Surviving in Lower Palaeolithic Europe: four seasonal perspectives.

Wednesday 26/02/2020 – 5pm

Dr Lesley Blundell, UCL Institute of Archaeology

Title: Not quite what they seem? How far does Lower-Middle Palaeolithic archaeological findspot distribution really reflect early human landscape preference?

Wednesday 04/03/2020 – 5pm

Professor Nick Barton, University of Oxford

Title: New perspectives on the epipalaeolithic of the North African Maghreb and wider comparisons

Wednesday 11/03/2020 – 5pm

Katarina Almeida Warren, University of Oxford

Title: Ecological and foraging contexts of chimpanzee nut-cracking: insights into early hominin landscape use.

Wednesday 25/03/2020 – 5pm

Dr Katerina Douka, Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History.

Title: Yet to be announced

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