Diversification in Human Evolution Studies


Professor Ben Marwick – University of Washington – Thursday 07/03/2019, 5:30pm

How did modern humans make their way into mainland Southeast Asia? New data on the Paleolithic from excavations in China, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Australia



The UCL Institute of Archaeology will host a new seminar series in early 2019, focusing on a range of topics linked by a common themeĀ Diversification in Human Evolution Studies.

This seminar series will explore the increasing diversity within the fields of Palaeolithic archaeology and palaeoanthropology. Examples of this diversity come from many sources, including: new palaeoanthropological data and theoretical perspectives; the development and implementation of new methods and approaches; data from new geographical locations; the increasingly diverse range of experimental approaches to Palaeolithic archaeology, as well as the increasing evidence for regionally and chronologically diverse behaviours and adaptations among Palaeolithic populations.

Talks will be presented on a wide range of research projects from an exciting range of researchers.

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